Where We Are Headed

The Road Ahead...

There is a stream which runs through the center of a town.  One morning an old man crossed the stream and began building a bridge over it.  The townspeople laughed at him and remarked, "Clearly, if an old man can cross the stream, there is no need to build a bridge over these tame waters!"  The old man did not reply but continued to work and the town continued to laugh.  The sun had begun to set and much of the crowd had gone back to their homes.  "Why do you keep working?," asked the remaining onlooker, "You are fatigued and require rest."  The old man finally replied, "I am not building this bridge in order to cross a stream."  "Then what have you been slaving over the entire day for?," the onlooker questioned.  The old man responded, "When this stream becomes a mighty gorge, how then will your son get to the other side of town?"

That has been the premise of the Community Christian Reformed Church since it was first established.  Our parents built a bridge for their children to come to America so that they may have greater opportunity than they were originally afforded.  The First CRC built a bridge which introduced us to the Bible and its teachings.  Now by building a church of our own, we are attempting to cross that bridge.

It isn't going to be easy.  Change is never easy.  The water beneath us never seems to calm.  But the bridge we stand on remains firm and unshakable.  We crawl along this path, stumbling often.  But we keep trusting that no matter how many times we fall, God will be there to catch us and carry us the rest of the way.