Who We Are

We are...
Christian because we have been brought back into a meaningful relationship with God and into a purposeful life by faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe He died and rose again in our place so we might be forgiven.  It is our our desire to live for Him.

Reformed because we realize that we are in daily need of bringing our lives to conform to what the Bible teaches.  Our teachings need to be rooted in the Word.  Our history goes back to the Reformation which stresses that the Bible is the authority for our lives.

Church because we have been brought together as believers in Jesus Christ in a commitment to the Lord and to each other.

The vision
of the Community Christian Reformed Church is to become “fishers of men” through community evangelism and fellowship.  We envision our congregation as multi-ethnic, intergenerational servants of Christ, devoted to building a network of believers serving God with their unique spiritual gifts.

The mission of the 
Community Christian Reformed Church is to learn, live and spread the infallible Word of God.  We seek to reach out to the multi-ethnic population of West Valley City, Utah; help them to build their relationship with Jesus Christ, gain salvation through Him, and nurture them as they become mature Christians.  We strive to foster integrity, purity and love in our congregation and throughout our surrounding community by serving others and committing to create a positive change therein.  Our intentions are to draw ourselves and others near to Him and to glorify His name with meaningful sacrifice and loving kindness.