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July 31st: FROGS vs Lilies Cookoff

posted Jul 23, 2010, 11:59 PM by Patrick Prum   [ updated Jul 24, 2010, 12:34 AM ]
It's back!  The 2nd ever CCRC cookoff returns Saturday, July 31st and this time, it's FROGS vs Lilies!  The teams should have their food prepped the night before at their respective kitchens (FROGS at Bori's; Lilies at Mary's) and will begin cooking that food starting at 9am.  We'll then gather to the church property to have 4 judges (2 women, 2 men; each group selecting one of each) to critique our food and the winner will take home bragging rights and the famous golden spatula (I've been assured that it's gold this time and not bronze).  

We'll see you all there and as a completely unbiased writer of the church blog who just so happens to be a FROGS leader (ahem, GO FROGS!!!!!!!, sorry, I had something in my throat), I wish both teams luck!  A la cuisine!!

For official cook-off rules, click here.