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Youth Band Recruitment

  God has given every single person a gift.  Whatever the gift, that gift should be used to glorify God.  For those who posses the gift of music or feel they have been called to serve in this particular ministry, please take some time to look over the following.

100% Worship + 100% Leader
Being a worship leader can be one of the most challenging things.  Not only are you worshiping, but you're also leading a whole congregation along with you.  In order to do this, both qualities of a worshiper and leader must be possessed.  The leader must be spiritually mature, and must also be able to direct the congregation to God.  It's been said that a worship leader should be like a lens.  They should be transparent to the congregation; focusing their eyes unto God.  Not all worshipers make great worship leaders.  Both qualities must be possessed.

The role of a worship leader requires a high level of commitment.  Some of these commitments includes practicing your instrument.  1 Chronicles 25:7 says, "Along with their relatives - all of them trained and skilled in music for the LORD."  Similarly, Psalms 33 tells us to "play skillfully."  Practicing your instrument is integral in keeping the band together.  This includes voices as well.  Despite popular beliefs, Kobe Bryant was not able to dunk out of the womb.  He's always playing and developing his techniques as a player.  Likewise, we need to practice to stay sharp.  Not only does it maintain the excellency and quality of the band, but it also allows you, the musician, to develop, grow, and learn your craft.  It should also be noted that practice should be kept outside of rehearsals.  This will help with the continuity of rehearsals and allow effective use of our time.

As stated previously, becoming  a worship leader requires hard work.  However, if you feel you have the skills and have been called to the music ministry, the procedure is as follows:
  • Submit the attached form to a band Leader
  • Pieces for the next rehearsal will be given and you will have 1 week to prepare
  • An audition with the band will take place
  • If deemed appropriate, the band will invite that applicant for a second week
  • This will repeat until a final decision is made
It is not always appropriate to place the applicant onto the worship team.  In these cases, an alternative place to serve will be sought for that applicant.  However, if the applicant wishes to pursue the band and there's potential, suggestions to improve and develop the talent will be given.  The applicant will be welcome to reapply when ready.
Patrick Prum,
Jan 16, 2009, 11:34 AM