Quite often we think of worship as going to church on Sunday and singing hymns.  However, there are many other ways to praise the Lord.  Worship should not be constrained to Sundays only, but everyday.  Nor should worship be only about singing, but everything.  Worship is about giving worth to God and expressing your love for him.  It's about praising him and displaying your gratitude for everything he's done.  Some people give sermons while others prepare Sunday snacks.  Others will lead the congregation in worship while another may fix the plumbing.  God's given everyone different talents, and with these talents, we should praise God.

Below are various videos.  Some of them are various forms of worship; others are just videos we thought we'd share.  Enjoy!

Louie Giglio - Laminin

Who Am I - Hand Worship

Lifehouse - Everything - Skit

This skit was also taken into a nightclub.

Damaged - James Ha

ReACTSion - My Redeemer Lives

USC/UCLA KCM - Times of Refreshing

Facing the Giants - Wholeheartedly

This is an excerpt from the movie Facing the Giants.
Essentially, you want to do everything wholeheartedly; including praise.

Facing the Giants - Trailer

The Stand

Lyricks/Manifest - Gift