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Mission to Cambodia: Lonn Tep

Serving the Lord since 1990, Lonn Tep in her 70s and has been an active member of the CCRC family.  She has traveled to her homeland of Cambodia 11 times since arriving to the United States in 1983; her most recent trip being this past Thanksgiving/Christmas in 2008.  Each time she returns, stories of miracles and of people who have converted from Buddhism to become children of God have touched many lives.

Although her health and her age are of main concern, Lonn's love for God keeps her going strong.

Lonn came to know Christ when she was sponsored to come to the US with her family.  She came from a Buddhist background.  She came across many teachings of different religions and was once a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  She found that only the words from the Holy Bible could fulfill her spiritually.

She left the LDS church and began attending a Christian church with Bible teachings.  She then became a Christian and was baptized.

Over the years, she has been active in church activities.  Because of her strong testimonies of the various ways God has influenced her life, she has brought many others to the Lord, Jesus Christ.