CCRC Leaders

Pastor Charlie Phim
I was born and raised in Cambodia where I followed the religion of Buddhism.  When I was in a refugee camp in Thailand, I began hearing about the Gospel.  In 1981, I was able to come to the United States. I really became interested in God and was trained to pastor a Cambodian church in Utah.  In 1984, I became the pastor of the Cambodian Christian Reformed Church.  2009 marks the 25th year of our church and I have been proud to be a part of bringing people to Christ.  In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and ping-pong and I am waiting for a challenger to beat me.
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President Sath Prum
Vice President Seng Rin
Ngoun Eam
Bori Ly
Sarath Nuon
Hensen Rin
Ny Ly

Ny Ly (Treasurer)

Linda Rin (Secretary)
Mary Lim (Sunday School Director)

Sunday School Teachers
Patrick Prum, Mary Lim, Wendy Ly, Bori Ly (not pictured here)

Lonn Tep

Crystal Ek

Renee So

Leang Sok

Savy Tan

Pat Ly

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