Cornerstone Youth Group

Mary Lim
Wendy Ly

July 14, 2013
Donut Falls Hike
Cornerstone journeyed into the canyons of Little Cottonwood to hike Donut Falls!  Truly spectacular seeing God's creation of vibrant green trees and crystal clear waters.  The youth had a tremendous time and are absolutely looking forward to another hike soon!
February 6, 2013
Looking to the Future
We are thrilled about this year and the new changes that are sure to happen!  Please check back for more!

The Past
As a Youth Group, we have been around since 2002, when FCRC member Will Newton headed our Sunday School class and eventually recruited Andrew and Amanda Rupke to be leaders to start our very own Youth Group.  We started out strong with weekly Bible studies and activities.  Over the next two years, we had done service projects, been on camping trips, and even gone mini-golfing!

In 2004, Will and the Rupkes decided to expand the Youth Group by inviting Mountain Springs Youth to join with us.  Our first activity was a retreat at Deer Valley to get to know one another with team-building exercises, games to introduce one another, and the all-important activity of naming our group.  We decided to call ourselves "Impact," representing how we could make a difference not only in our church, but in our community.  The group would be continued to be led by Andrew, Amanda, and Will.  We decided to also add two new leaders, Glen and Meg, from Mt. Springs to have their side of the youth group get a bit more comfortable.  We had Bible studies every Wednesday, rotating between Mt. Springs church and the FCRC.  Unfortunately, in the Summer of '05, Meg was moving and that left us without one of our leaders.  That summer we decided to take a break until the Fall, but unfortunately, the whole thing just never came back.  Both of our youths decided to go our separate ways.  Andrew became an elder for the FCRC and Amanda decided to concentrate on the First Church's youth.  Will decided to pursue his Masters at Colorado St.  The group was without a leader.

At the start of 2006, Christina Sok, Phat Sanh, and Wendy Ly took over the Youth.   We also had weekly Bible studies and the occasional outing, but the group only lasted four months or so, due to poor attendance.  In the Fall, Bori Ly took over as the main leader, with Christina, Phat, and Wendy helping him out.    We had a backyard camp-out and other activities, but they were never constant enough to keep the group active.  At the start of '07, we decided to have monthly Bible studies led by Pastor Charlie, but again, the group's poor attendance led to the studies being stopped.   We have had three to five activities throughout 2007, but the consistency never was enough to keep the group active.

The Present
At the start of 2008, we decided to change some things to keep this group active.  We decided to stay consistent with the leaders, have monthly meetings with the leaders, and have monthly gatherings for the Youth.  Instead of getting leaders older than the group, we decided that the leaders should be from the group.   Patrick, Jessica, and Kevin decided to take on those roles.  We decided instead of making the group weekly, something that we weren't ready to promise our group, we were making the activities monthly.

Isaiah 28:16 (NIV)

"See, I lay a stone in Zion, a tested stone,
a precious cornerstone for a sure foundation; the one who trusts will never be dismayed."
In February, we literally kick-started our new group with a big bang with Big Bang '08, an event to introduce our new group to the changes that we were going to make.  The group could see the changes taking place fast, as the leaders went out a got a guest speaker for one of our studies, former Mt. Springs pastor, Mike Menning.  At our next activity, we decided to give ourselves a name.  We decided to go with Cornerstone (Isaiah 28:16).  It represents how this group has been together from the beginning;  our foundation, our strength, was the group itself.

Other events came along including our Easter Eggs-travaganza, our groovy 70's night, and our cook-off.  So far, the group has deliver ed everything that it has promised.  The leaders have asked some of the members recently about the direction of the group and we received many positive answers.  Though the activities are not as frequent, they are consistent and that's something that has been missing for a long time.  We believe the group is stronger than ever and will continue to grow stronger.

The Future  

Cornerstone Photo Gallery

The next step for Cornerstone looks bright.    Over the Summer, many of our members have been hard at work raising money to provide funds for our group for future activities, conferences, and trips.  The plans are to use these funds not to only help our congregation, but build a sense of community.  One of the first things we're going to use the money for is tee shirts (logo of shirt pictured below).  Though this seems minuscule, it actually is one of the more important steps to show people, whether we're at a conference, doing a service project, or just going out together to watch a movie, who we are and what we represent.
  In a shirt's lifetime, approximately 30,000 people read what's on your shirt.  Think about that.  We have about 20 members in our group;  times those two numbers together and that's 600,000! Obviously, not 
all those half-million people will ask about our group, but some people will.  If we can get those guys interested in helping out by offering a fund-raising opportunity, or joining the group, or touching someone who wants something to believe in, but not know what, the shirts have done its job.  

One of the main goals for our leaders in the future is to attend some conferences that would help us become better leaders.  We're excited about the possibility of meeting young adults from all over the country and picking up new ideas to make the group stronger and better than ever.