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Message of Hope

Past For Change
As we prepare to start a new chapter in our history, we strive on bettering ourselves as we work with our children to keep their heritage and to also prepare for the future ahead.  We look towards the future with great anticipation for the children of the new generation and their generations to come.  We not only focus on the importance of spreading God's great gospel, but we also focus on these children; because we look to them for the interest of the church.  As we teach them and guide them to live as Christ did, we know that with Christ along with patience, love and discipline, the church will thrive with the new generation.  

As our children mature, we see our future pastors, elders, deacons, teachers and musicians in them.  Seeing this opportunity for the church's future, the fathers and mothers alike wanting to prepare ahead the path for the new generation, made the decision to expand out in West Valley City.  We saw an open doorway through the eyes of the youth as they have been given a better opportunity to better themselves and their community. 

We know that the step to expanding out to the West Valley area will be a start and once the vision of the church building is completed, we can see the growth and the prosperity of the church by the fruits of our children.  

Future Is Here
We can't say enough about our parents; the love that they have for us and the love that they have for Christ.  They raised us to show our compassion, our love, our spiritual gifts, and our faith to Christ, to ourselves, to our elders, to our Christian brothers and sisters, and to our non-Christian brothers and sisters.  They raised us so that we may become ready to take and lead this church, with God as the head, into the future.  

This step into a new generation led church started back at the turn of the millennium.  It was decided then that the church needed to groom the youth as future leaders of the church.  It all started with the young adults leading service every week.  Since then, things have happened; for the better.  In 2005, we purchased that land.  We could see the confidence that the elders of the church had in us.  With groups from other states coming to help the church out, they didn't leave it to the elders of the congregation to lead these young groups; they had the confidence in us to do it.  They saw us building relationships with one another and growing as Christians at the same time.

The elders of the church trust us.  They have seen what we can do for Christ and our friends in Utah.  Cornerstone, Worship Band, this website, brochures, church logos, t-shirt designs, the Lilies, the FROGS; all these things; youth-driven.

We hear a lot that moving to West Valley is going to be a fresh start for the CCRC.  The youth think otherwise.  Rather, it's going to be a continuation of what our parents started back in 2000.  Because they had committed to focus on grooming us, we can focus on reaching out to all those that need Him. 

For greater things have yet to come,
and greater things are still to be done in this city.

We put our trust in God to continue to help us grow and to allow us to lead His children that desperately need to find Him.  

We can't thank God enough for our parents.  He allowed them to open the doors for us to continue to spread the Good News of Jesus.